The Department of Botany in Dimoria College came into existence in 1988 with B.Sc Botany (General) course initially, then the B.Sc. (Major) course in Botany from 2001 onwards and subsequently, the CBCS course was in operation from 2019. The lively rural surroundings and rich bio-diversity of Dimoria region adds to the greater role of the Plant Sciences Department in the college to cater to the needs of the students and the overall community. As Botany deals with the study of different processes going on in plants, the course in Botany encourages students to keep abreast of as many developments as possible in Plant Sciences. Studies in Classical Botany deal with plant behavior, morphology, physiology, embryology, ecology, genetics, systematic etc. and provide solutions to agricultural, horticultural and environmental problems, for crop improvement, organic farming and natural resource management. By the study of the fundamental details of plants, students can understand growth and development, reproduction, life cycle, medicinal values and economic importance of food resources. This course being an important component of Life Sciences offers immense opportunities in other related fields and applied disciplines such as Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Genomics, Agro-forestry, Environmental Science, etc. Recent advances in Botany, which deal with the study of different processes going on in biological systems at the molecular level, have brought revolutionary changes in the world of sciences. One of the most popular and much-needed areas of study is the climatic changes. The knowledge of plant science can be used to solve environmental challenges. While studying Botany the students learn all these aspects of plants including its applications. Besides, the students will have greater opportunities open to them in higher studies and research along with better job prospects. The faculty strength of the Department is 4. The department has well equipped laboratories for the smooth conduct of the practical classes. The faculty members have been involved in many research activities with good research publications and have to their credits various research projects sponsored by ASTEC, DBT and SERB. The Department regularly organizes field trips and botanical excursions that help in bringing about holistic development of students. Many alumni of this department are pursuing their careers in higher education (M.Sc/ B.Ed/ MBA, etc.,) from institutions across India such as Mizoram University, Assam University, Gauhati University, NERIM, USTM, Assam Down Town University, Assam Don Bosco University, etc. Some of our alumni are currently well placed in both the Public and Private Sector and some Alumni’s have started their own entrepreneurial initiative in various sectors. The Alumni meet of the Department are organized at regular intervals. A departmental wall magazine “Botanica” is annually maintained on National Science Day (28th February) by the students of the Department to keep themselves abreast of current developments and frontiers of research in the subject discipline but also in developing organizational skills. In addition, there is a Botanical Club of the students - ‘Botany Beacons’ involved in some outreach programme like plantation, cleanliness, green awareness drive, etc.

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