The PG Department of Economics can trace its origins to the birth of Dimoria College in 1979. The department was created to bring the light of knowledge to the rural and tribal dominated area of Dimoria, and with this very goal in mind, the department is even now striding forward, to spread this light of knowledge far and wide. For this, the Department also received permission from its affiliating university (Gauhati University) to offer Post Graduate education in the department from 1992. Throughout its rich and varied history of more than 40 years, the Department of Economics, has catered to the educational needs of students from different parts of the State. The Department was built with the determination and contribution of many renowned local and national personalities, and without their help the efforts of the department would have been short lived. To further improve the skillset of the youth of the region, the department also offered a Certificate Course on Rural Marketing, sponsored by UGC, for a period of five years (2014-15 to 2019-20), and is now continuing in self-finance mode. The efforts made by the department, can be seen in its rich Alumni, who are presently employed all over the country. The Department has conducted many National Seminars, Workshops and its faculty have completed or are engaged in a number of Research Projects. The Department also possesses a library, having more than 1000 books, 03 Journals, and 07 computers to help the students in their studies. The department also possesses a digital classroom, fixed with LCD Projector. The department has also conducted many field trips, and study excursions, to further increase the knowledge of its students in the field of economics.

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