The P.G. course in Environmental Management is running smoothly from the year of 2008 to till date. Presently, 12th batch with 10 students is pursuing this course. Established in 2008, Post graduate department of Environmental Management is going to complete its glorious twelve years. Students from different districts of the state including neighbouring states have studied here, earned their P.G degree and got placed in different institutions and organizations dealing with environmental issues. This department has been producing good results continuously securing about 90 percent first class in their master programme. Few have qualified their UGC NET too. The department consists of one staff room attached with library, one sophisticated laboratory and two class rooms. The staff of five teaching and two non-teaching are very dynamic and dedicated workers. Aim & objective of the Department: -To undertake study of issues that are important to environment science professionals such as ethical and social responsibilities, management of environmental problems and issues, environmental modeling, pollution status, resource management and other areas -To progress up one step ahead by sustainable development of the region and tap the youths energy for one nation building -To extend the knowledge, expertise and skill of students through the application of problems and issues of professional practice in environment science that are found within private and public sectors - -To produce skilled personals for taking up self-employment schemes -To facilitate in-depth study of particular of the application of environment science -To gain access to relevant academic theories, concepts and techniques Department of Environment Management has already accomplished several R & D works on environmental science. The students of Environment Management are also engaged in solving various environmental problems of the locality. Besides these innovative works, the department organizes many field visits to understand the environmental problems and to seek solutions following holistic approaches. The department organizes seminars and conduct workshops locally to help the people understand their problems and give them local remedies. Every year with the collaboration of other departments of the college and the schools, Environment Day is celebrated. The database is used to disseminate the information to the public and motivate the young researchers of the region. Demand for the Course: Environment Management course will cover all major aspects of this discipline; it is ideal if students want to keep their options open or are uncertain about their future career plans. It will provide them with the option for postgraduate study and general graduate employment or a career in the environment-related sector from site investigation to conservation or environmental management. A number of Universities offer professional bachelors, masters, doctorates and engineering degrees in this thrust field. These programs are gaining in popularity and recognition in most of the Indian Colleges, Universities, and Institutes also. The areas of the innovative course proposed belong to emerging or hi-tech or in the area of national and global priorities. The proposed course is given TOP PRIORITY by: a) Ministry of Environment and Forest (Govt. of India) b) Ministry of Environment and Forest (Govt. of Assam) c) Pollution Control Board of Assam d) Planning Commission e) Central Universities f) Society for ecological Restoration g) Various National and International NGO Innovative and creative part of the Course: The subject of Environmental Management proposed is expected to bring innovation and excellence in teaching or research or both in the area. In addition, it would also provide a solution to the local/regional/global problems by training of the required human resources. Moreover, the course will serve state govt. of Assam and other N-E states immediately and other organizations and reduce the gap procurement of information and will help in mobilizing large amount of revenue within the N-E states in particular and the country as a whole. This innovative course is very essential for ecological restoration of the degraded ecosystems, minimize the environmental problems and promoting sustainable development and contribute towards frontier research and finding answers in issues related to global climate change. It is also very much necessary to get new research findings and popularizing latest technology for the better development of the society. This course will also be providing concrete solutions to the hazardous problems, natural calamities, disasters/floods. The course would be the interest of international gallery also. International level Workshops, Seminars organization programmes could be a part of the course curriculum in order to exchange new ideas related to physical aspects in Environmental Management.

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