After the establishment of Dimoria College in 1979, the department of History launched its journey in 1993 with General Course only for a couple of years and started Major Course in 2004. The course proved to be a demanding option for the students opting for honors. The department at present allotted 30 (Thirty) seats for honors and 80 (Eighty) seats for General Course. The students are selected on the basis of merit tests conducted by the department. There are 3 (Three) full-time teachers and one part-time teacher (sponsored by the college authority). The department has a well-equipped library with more than 400 books. A good number of books were donated by Giripada Dev Choudhury, an educationist and renowned publisher of Assam. The department has produced a good number of students both honors and general throughout the years. Many students of the department have established themselves in various sectors, especially as accomplished teachers and keep in touch with the department as alumni. Besides teaching, the department organizes class-wise seminars, and debates and prepares students for quiz competitions and group discussions, so that they can keep pace with the time. The students can express their views independently through their writings in the wall magazines and teachers guide them properly in this regard. Above all, the faculty members are always ready to render all possible assistance and guidance to students within and outside the campus as and when required. As a part of knowledge gathering and experience the department annually organizes educational excursions for the students. As a department of history, it always emphasizes the importance of various historical and archaeological places across the country. Most of the historically acknowledged places such as the medieval and modern architecture and sculptures at Assam, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Kolkata are frequently visited by the department. The socio-cultural history of South India is always a matter of attraction for students. After the completion of the educational tour, the students are required to prepare a project report on a given topic. It is important to note that each report submitted by the students shows their enhancing knowledge and observation. The field visits enable them to understand the issues in a practical way and the experience of reality make them ready for future outcome. The department also organizes periodic parent-teacher meetings to understand the background of the students and to make future plans for their all-round development.

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