Political science is one of the important and dynamic department of Dimoria College. From 1979, the department has a glorious 40 years of experience of imparting valuable knowledge and quality education to its students. The department has been carrying the objectives such as to provide a better understanding and knowledge of the Subject. The department provides adequate guidance to the students to be a responsible citizen of the country. The department regularly organizes different activities like Educational tours, seminars etc. to broaden their scope of knowledge. The Department also conducts lectures of renowned personality of different specializations through audio visual medium as a source of information and inspiration for the students. Debate competitions, group discussions are conducted regularly to improve the rationality, critical analyzing capacity and leadership quality among the students. The students are always encouraged and guided for different competitive examinations. The department also provides remedial classes to its nearby schools for enhancing quality education and to meet the various political needs of the community that would arise in the changing social, political and economic environment. The department maintains an advanced library consisting of the latest editions of books as per the necessity of the course of the subject. In addition, there is always active participation of the Department in the annual activities of the College such as College week and annual cultural procession. The Alumni Association of the department is very strong and active. They organize alumni meets from time to time and provide supports, suggestions for the greater welfare of the department.

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