The history of the department of Geography, Dimoria college dates back to the time of the inception of the college itself, i.e, 1979. Since then, the department is relentlessly engaged in imparting its duty towards the development of geographical studies in particular and educational atmosphere in general. The department is endowed with number of dedicated teachers along with infrastructure facilities. During last couple of years a number of research projects sponsored by UGC has been completed by the department. Apart from research projects, the department had also successfully organised a number of workshops, seminars and other activities including society outreach programs and academic talks. The department has a yearly bulletin, where the up to date information about the departmental achievements, annual activities, future plan, etc. are published. The academic performance of the department is always in satisfactory level and a good number of student get admission and placement in Universities and govt/private offices/companies in different parts of the state as well as country.

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